Chaimae Baroud

Welcome to my about page! My name is Chaimae Baroud, and at the young age of 23, I have already carved a niche for myself in the fashion design industry. With a rich experience spanning four years, I have specialized in designing distinctive clothes for video game companies, blending the virtual world with the latest fashion trends. My journey into this domain was fueled by an unwavering passion for fashion design, an area where I have dedicated my creativity and skills to creating exceptional styles.

Chelbiavy is a brand name dedicated to showcasing the unique and diverse creations crafted by artists, embodying their creativity and bringing their artistic visions to life for the world to see.

I love the challenge of switching between different palettes and materials, always aiming to fuse functionality with aesthetics. This approach has not only honed my skills as a fashion designer but also deepened my understanding of how fashion can influence and be influenced by digital cultures. My designs reflect a blend of contemporary fashion trends with the fantastical elements of video games, creating a vibrant, immersive experience for the audience.

Having worked with several renowned video game companies, I have successfully contributed to enhancing the visual appeal and the overall gaming experience through fashion. My designs are not merely clothes; they are an extension of the characters themselves, adding depth and personality. I am constantly exploring new trends, technologies, and techniques to push the boundaries of what can be achieved at the intersection of fashion and digital entertainment.

As I continue on this exciting journey, I remain committed to innovating and inspiring in the world of fashion design. My goal is to create fashion that transcends the screen, influencing real-world style while capturing the imagination of gamers and fashion lovers alike. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my passion and my work. Welcome to a world where fashion meets fantasy, crafted with love and creativity by Chaimae Baroud.

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